Where to buy? What price? What do the individual tickets give? You'll find everything on this page.

Tickets for Poznań Motor Show 2022 
available soon!

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Ticket prices are as follows:

Press Day 7.04.2022 (8:00-14:00) - 500 PLN

VIP Day 7.04.2022 (14:00-19:00) - 130 PLN

Single Ticket 8.04.2022 (10:00-18:00) - 27 PLN

Single Ticket 9.04.2022 (10:00-18:00) - 32 PLN

Single Ticket 10.04.2022 (10:00-18:00) - 27 PLN

*ticket prices do not include the handling fee charged by

Which ticket to choose?

At this year's Poznan Motor Show you can choose from among five different tickets. If you are wondering which one is right for you, read the text below! We hope that will help you make a decision.

Ticket for the Press Day (April 7, 2022; 8:00-14:00):

The Press Day is the most important, the most exclusive part of the event. It features official shows of the latest vehicles presented by the leading brands in the automotive world. The Press Day is dedicated primarily to journalists, but it is open to anyone who buys a ticket. Importantly, with the Press Day ticket you are entitled to participate in the second part of the day, the VIP Day, which starts at 14:00. In addition, visitors may see all the other attractions available in 15 halls.

What are the benefits of a Press Day ticket?

  • premiere vehicle shows
  • business meetings
  • backstage atmosphere
  • the opportunity to participate in the VIP Day
  • car exhibition
  • motorcycle exhibition
  • caravanning exhibition
  • truck exhibition
  • detaling exhibition
  • meetings with the stars of television, Internet and motorsport
  • the possibility to visit 15 halls
  • access to the Automotive Technology Fair
  • Motor Bike Show
  • Speed Ladies zone
  • National Championship for Mechanics

Ticket for the VIP Day (April 7, 2022; 14:00-19:00):

The second part of the inaugural day of Poznan Motor Show. After the shows, there is nothing else but to enjoy the view of the latest models of vehicles. The VIP Day is primarily lower turnout, so you have more freedom to visit each stand. As in the case of Press Day tickets, you can take advantage of all that we prepared for the whole fair.

Tickets for the public days (April 9-10, 2022; 10:00-18:00):

The public days are the continuation of what we have prepared on the first day. You can visit the car, motorcycle, caravanning, truck or detaling exhibitions.  They also feature a lot of accompanying events and meetings with stars, as well as a total of 15 exhibition halls filled to the brim with attractions for motoring enthusiasts.

Do not hesitate − secure a part in the biggest automotive event in Poland now!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do I need to have an account at to buy a ticket?
    No. When purchasing, you can select the “without registration” option.

  • Do I have to print the ticket?
    No. Just display the ticket on your smartphone screen. What is important is the barcode/QR code − it must be intact and visible.

  • Can a ticket to Poznan Motor Show be purchased in other ticket services such as Ticketmaster or Empik?
    Currently tickets are sold only on the ticket platform.

  • Does a ticket to Poznan Motor Show entitle me to multiple entry to the event? And why not?
    Tickets for visitors to Poznan Motor Show are single-entry tickets. This means that once scanned at the gate, your ticket will not work again. Because of the size of the event it is not possible to replace tickets with ID badges or wristbands, as this would lengthen the queues up to several hours. However, you have access to a cloakroom, catering outlets, sanitary facilities, kiosk and everything you need to spend all day at Poznan Motor Show − there are enough attractions.

  • Does a ticket to Poznan Motor Show entitle you to enter MTP Poznan Expo fairgrounds by car?
    No. A ticket for Poznan Motor Show does not include parking on MTP Poznan Expo fairgrounds.

  • My ticket looks strange, how can I check if it is ok?
    First of all, do not show its photo publicly on the Internet. This will allow others to print the bar code, allowing them to enter through the gate. You can contact us through the Poznan Motor Show facebook site:

  • Will I receive an invoice for purchased tickets for Poznan Motor Show?
    Yes, but you must select the option in the online ticket service or ask the staff before buying a ticket

  • Can I return my ticket for the fair?
    Information about returns can be found in the online ticket service or at the ticketing point where the ticket office was purchased. A ticket purchased in MTP Poznan Expo ticket offices may be returned provided that it was not previously used. MTP Poznan Expo does not accept returns of tickets bought from partners.

  • Are there group tickets for Poznan Motor Show?

  • Are there family tickets for Poznan Motor Show?

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