Three flagship models from BAIC Group


Beijing 3, Beijing 5, and Beijing 7 - these three modern SUVs will be brought to the Poznań Motor Show 2024 by BAIC Group.

BAIC Group recently debuted in the Polish market. Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd. is one of the leading Chinese automotive conglomerates. The company originates from a car factory in Beijing founded in 1958. Currently, BAIC Group ranks 193rd among the world's top 500 companies, covering the industrial chain from research and development to vehicle and parts manufacturing, automobile service trade, comprehensive travel services, financial and investment activities, generating an annual revenue exceeding 450 billion yuan.

Three Models from the Beijing Series

At the Poznań Motor Show, three modern SUVs will be showcased: Beijing 3, Beijing 5, and Beijing 7.

Beijing 3 is a compact urban SUV, perfect for dynamic city life. Combining comfort with performance, it offers advanced safety systems, an economical engine, and rich equipment. It's an ideal choice for those who value style, comfort, and efficiency in daily use. Its dynamic and bold body lines, massive fenders with stylish aluminum wheels, and standard electric sunroof all contribute to its unique style.

Beijing 5 features a sophisticated and modern appearance. Elegant, refined lines and meticulously crafted details create a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. The distinctive silhouette will remain modern, fresh, and attractive for years to come. Beijing 5 is excellently adapted to the challenges of modernity. In the city, its agility, precise steering system, efficient and comfortable dual-clutch transmission, and responsive support systems will be invaluable.

The last of the premier models to be presented at the Poznań Motor Show 2024 is the Beijing 7. The classic, elegant design of the Beijing 7 model harmonizes perfectly with innovative technologies. BAIC's flagship SUV attracts attention and earns recognition. The Beijing 7 redefines luxury. The Beijing 7 stands out with its significant wheelbase, making five passengers feel extremely comfortable inside. The elegant style, practicality, and spaciousness of this car will appeal to families and the business world alike.

It's worth noting that these are not the only attractions prepared by BAIC Group for visitors. Next week, the organizers of the Poznań Motor Show will announce additional models that will be available at the brand's stand.

The Poznań Motor Show will take place from April 4th to 7th at the MTP Expo.