Jürgen Stackmann: "Model ID.3 opens the third big chapter in Volkswagen history"


We encourage you to read the interview with Volkswagen Sales Board Member - Jürgen Stackmann.

The revolutionary ID.3 model in the special edition can be booked now - one year before the car is launched. We encourage you to read the conversation with Volkswagen Sales Board Member - Jürgen Stackmann - about the daily use of electric cars, about sales plans and about the beginning of a new era in the automotive industry.

Still masked, but already bookable: electric ID.3 1st

Before we start talking about the reservation system, let's stop at the model name. You recently announced that it sounds ID.3. What is behind it?

ID name. will carry all our cars belonging to the ID family. This abbreviation means intelligent design, it is a sign of the identity of those cars in which we use visionary technologies. ID. however, it is not an abbreviation created from a specific term or wording, but rather a symbol of all the features that distinguish these cars - not emitting harmful substances, moving partly automatically, intuitively operated and communicated with the environment in a manner consistent with the user's personal preferences. The three in the name ID.3 symbolizes the belonging of this model to the class of compact cars - it is the three in the internal nomenclature of all Volkswagen group brands that means this class of cars. The number three shows that with new models we start from the middle segment and suggests the possibility of expansion - there are still numbers below and above three, and we have extensive plans. In addition, after the Beetle and Golf, the ID.3 opens the third big chapter in the history of Volkswagen.

Volkswagen launched the reservation system for the new model even before its premiere - in the case of the brand it is as innovative as the ID.3 itself. Where did this idea come from?

ID.3 is something special for us - it is the first electric car of the new generation; is to make this type of car fully useful on a daily basis, and at the same time affordable. In the history of Volkswagen they are opening a new era. Who is going to change to an electric car can do it right now. And this applies to the model belonging to the popular class. We are very curious how our clients will react.

How much sales do you count on?

We have information that interest in various markets is high. That is why we offer reservations in 29 European countries. For the needs of this action, we have prepared a special ID.3 1ST edition - the cars are well-equipped and their number is limited to 30,000 copies.

People booking a new model must pay 1,000 euros, but will not pick up the car until next year. Why would they take advantage of this offer?

The bookers will be the first to sit behind the wheel of the new ID.3 and experience new sensations - they will become pioneers of change, they will set new trends. They will regularly receive information from us about everything that is happening in the world of electric cars and invitations to exclusive events.

In addition, ID.3 bookers will save money: Volkswagen will offer them a year of free electricity supply to the car up to 2,000 kWh. The offer applies to all public charging stations on which the WeCharge Volkswagen application works and in the European network of IONITY stations.

The discussion about the impact of electric cars on the climate has just started again. How does ID.3 contribute to its protection?

We made sure that ID.3 production - including the production of components by external companies - did not adversely affect the overall balance of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We are pioneers in the industry in this respect. We do this thanks to the efficient use of energy and the use of electricity from renewable sources. Emissions that cannot be avoided are balanced by participation in projects contributing to climate protection, e.g. investments in forest protection or afforestation of new areas. After buying a car, the customer decides what to do next - whoever wants to, can use the Elli brand to supply the car with "green" electricity. In this case, ID.3 will remain climate friendly even during the use phase.

How far is ID.3 able to travel after a single charge?

In the special ID.3 edition, we decided to use a battery that - according to our market analysis and customer surveys - will be the most popular. All cars from the special edition have the same range of 420 km according to the WLTP procedure. Battery offer for cars from the ID family. is wide, ID.3 can have a range of 330 km to 550 km according to WLTP.

To what extent does this data correspond to reality?

In everyday use, the range depends on the ambient temperature and the way you drive - it's pure physics. For a 58 kWh battery, which most buyers choose, this means a range of 300 to 420 km. Thanks to the quick charging function available as standard (100 to 125 kW direct current), the range can be increased quickly. During the 30-minute coffee break, ID.3 equipped with the smallest of the offered batteries can be powered by 100 kW, enabling it to travel 260 km.

How much will new electric cars cost?

The basic price of the serial ID.3 will be in Germany, as we promised, less than 30,000 euros. The price of the model in the special version (ID.3 1st) will be less than EUR 40,000 in Germany. These are the prices that make buying such a car really economically rational. Although the purchase price is slightly higher than in the case of cars with internal combustion engines, the costs of electric car maintenance are much lower, e.g. service by about 30 percent. This means that electric cars can gain mass popularity.

You put ID.3 in a row with Beetle and Golf, is that not an exaggeration?

Volkswagen has given millions of people the chance to own their own car thanks to Beetle and Golf. Over time, both models also allowed them to use the latest technologies and the highest quality. ID.3 opens the third chapter of strategic importance in the history of our brand. ID.3, like Golf, is to become a reference point for competitors - it is a car that is fully useful on a daily basis, connected to the surroundings, spacious and stylistically attractive. Plus, it has great performance. ID.3 is a real "Game Changer"!