Golf VIII: what do we know about the latest Volkswagen car?


The classic block, under which a lot of technological novelties is hidden. That's how you can describe the latest work of German engineers.

Evolution outside

The appearance of the Golf has not undergone drastic changes compared to previous versions. Since its premiere 45 years ago, Golf has always been characterized by functionality that harmonized perfectly with the style of this car. The same is the case with the latest model. All versions of Golf use LED lighting, which replaced conventional headlights. The pattern of LED lights has become the dominant and unique element of the design of the eighth generation Golf.

A revolution inside

While in the case of the car body the developers demonstrated a conservative approach, in the case of the interior they allowed themselves a hint of madness, equipping the eighth generation of Golf with numerous technical innovations. New indicators and multimedia systems operating online combine to form one digital cockpit located on the same axis; touch fields and screens interact with it. The scope of information provided to the driver can be expanded using the optional Head-up display. Touch fields and the ability to control various functions using voice commands make the operation natural and intuitive.

The eighth generation Golf sets a new standard in the compact car class in the field of assistance systems supporting the driver while driving a car. Used for the first time in the world in a car of this class, the Travel Assist system known from the new Passat means that the Golf can move on the highway semi-automatically up to a speed of 210 km / h - the driver does not have to move the steering wheel, add gas or brake.

Golf is also the first Volkswagen model equipped as standard with the Car2X system enabling communication with the surroundings. This system uses information from other vehicles in the vicinity, as well as signals provided by road infrastructure devices to alert the driver and forward these warnings to other cars equipped with the Car2X system.

As the first Volkswagen, the new Golf will be available with five types of hybrid powertrains to choose from. Volkswagen also used 48-volt electrical system technology for the first time. Belt-driven 48V generator-starter, 48V lithium-ion battery and the latest generation of effective TSI engines form the eTSI power train - the so-called Mild-Hybrid. Its advantage is a fuel saving of 10 percent (according to WLTP), moreover, a car equipped with this type of drive starts very dynamically and comfortably. Volkswagen will offer eTSI drive in three versions with 81 kW / 110 HP, 96 kW / 130 HP and 110 kW / 150 HP. In addition, the eighth generation Golf will be available in two plug-in hybrid variants.

Production shortened by an hour

In Wolfsburg, only 8,400 employees deal with Golf production. The eighth generation model consists of over 2,700 parts and components. The car equipped with extensive communication systems has a total of 1340 meters of wires operating within 962 installations. This means 100 meters of wires and 31 installations more than in Golf 7. From the delivery of sheet metal to the plant, until leaving the factory, the new Golf covers 69 kilometers on production lines.

Dr. Andreas Tostmann, Member of the Board for Volkswagen Production, said - Golf 8 is a much more complex model than its predecessor. Despite this, the average production time for each copy has been reduced by about an hour. Since Golf 8 belongs to cars using the second generation MQB platform, we could significantly reduce the expenditure on its production. Our modular floorboard strategy has passed the test. In the 8th Golf Accident, the Wolfsburg crew showed all their skills. The efficiency of production processes has increased. This is an excellent achievement, for which I thank all employees.

Is this the last Golf ever?

Many experts have suggested that the presence of the recently presented electric ID.3 will make space for the next generation of Golf. Karlheinz Hell, responsible for the development of compact models at Volkswagen, dispels these doubts: - Thanks to economical and diverse drives, for many customers it will become the first choice model. In the case of the eighth generation Golf, we also took another step in the field of electrification. For example, we will be offering all units with automatic transmission and TSI engine as eTSI, while in the case of E-Hybrid it will now be possible to choose from two units - says K. Hell.

Text and photo: Volkswagen press materials