4th EkoFlota Fair - Automotive of the future - annual celebration of ecological motorization


The first three editions of the EkoFlota Fair proved that ecology and care for a common environment is a very important issue for Poles. The 4th EkoFlota - Automotive of the Future will take place for the first time in Poznań, at the Poznań International Fair, an extremely important place for the automotive industry.

The year 2019 is a breakthrough for the automotive industry. Car manufacturers are massively introducing hybrid hybrid models to their offers. The government has announced that Poles will be able to take advantage of subsidies for the purchase of electric cars, and one million ecological vehicles in 2025 is to become a reality. Poland also ceased to be a white spot on the map of charging infrastructure. Tycoons such as GreenWay operate on the market, and fuel companies have noticed the need to offer fast charging stations at their stations. Substantive support at the Fair is always offered by the Polish Alternative Fuels Association, which is active in the field of organizing regulations regarding electromobility and is increasingly driving the work related to ecological motoring itself and acts on behalf of millions of Polish drivers.

Above all, however, we can talk about electromobility in the context of mass motorization. Cars, thanks to more and more efficient batteries, are able to easily cover the route of 300-400 kilometers, which allows reaching from Warsaw to Poznan or Gdansk without having to organize a forced stop.

During the Fair, we will look closely at issues related to electromobility that is growing rapidly in our country. We will talk with experts about the direction taken by car companies. Is the European market and customer preferences able to create further development of green motoring or are we dependent on what will happen on the largest Asian markets. Finally, we will look for an answer to the question whether the automotive industry can be environmentally friendly when we produce electricity from hard coal in Poland?

The 4th EkoFlota Fair - Automotive of the Future is undoubtedly a treat for motoring fans. This is where every year the latest models of car manufacturers from around the world are presented. The largest manufacturers, including Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen and the PSA Group exhibit static exhibitions here and give the opportunity to try and compare individual models in real city traffic.

It is here that manufacturers and importers of two-wheelers present their alternatives to crowded cities. It turns out that on the last episode, the car can be successfully replaced with an electric scooter or scooter. Poles are also changing their mentality about owning a vehicle. They are more and more willing to choose the use option, as shown by the latest reports of the Polish Leasing Association and the Polish Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association. During the EkoFlota Trade Fair, in one place, you will get to know the offers of entities dealing with financing of ecological fleets.

The fair is finally the E-Mobility Conference. This year, it will largely be devoted to the development of the electric vehicle and infrastructure market in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the implementation of the electric fleet to companies. During the conference, the speakers will answer questions about legal regulations and conducting business in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way. They will also suggest how to include ecological cars in the fleet and raise funds for stations for charging.

The 4th EkoFlota - Automotive of the Future Fair was granted the Patronage of the Ministry of Investment and Development, as well as the Honorary Patrons of the Mayors of the cities: Jaworzno, Szczecin, Zielona Góra, Lublin, Gdynia, Warsaw, Poznań and Szczecin. The organizer of the Fair is the Menadżer Floty magazine, which has been involved in the promotion of electromobility in Poland for years, and the MTP Group (Poznań International Fair).

The event will take place on October 9-11, 2019, in Poznań, at the Poznań International Fair in Hall 6.

More information about the E-Mobility trade fair and conference is available the