Why it is worth?


For four days, the capital of Greater Poland becomes the heart of the automotive industry, attracting both experts and enthusiasts. During the Poznań Motor Show, you have the opportunity to showcase yourself in front of a massive audience numbering in the tens of thousands.

The most important event in the automotive industry

Poznań Motor Show is a project with a renowned reputation and tremendous popularity among all involved in the broad automotive industry. Years of dedicated work have made Poznań Motor Show the largest event of its kind in the industry today. It is a place where representatives of businesses, government authorities, local governments, higher education institutions, media, and above all, leading automotive brands come together at the same time.

Showcase yourself to tens of thousands of visitors

Poznań Motor Show consistently attracts a large audience, including enthusiasts and automotive lovers from various parts of Poland and beyond. During the last edition of Poznań Motor Show, 96,103 visitors participated. By reserving your space at the fair, you can be sure that your booth will be noticed multiple times by visitors during the four days of the fair.

Networking and new business relationships

Such a rich lineup makes the four-day event organized by the Grupa MTP an excellent opportunity to establish new business connections and expand your knowledge in the field of automotive and electromobility. By participating in the fair, you can also get to know the automotive industry better by talking directly to market leaders. Moreover, as part of the registration fee (standard and premium), you will receive free invitations to the industry evening, which is an excellent culmination of the fair day and allows for the establishment of new, valuable relationships in a less formal atmosphere.

Wide reach thanks to media presence

The event organized by the Grupa MTP enjoys immense interest not only from visitors but also from the media, resulting in numerous publications and mentions. We are covered by both industry and general thematic media, regional, national, and international. All of this translates into high AVE coefficients and the total value of publication reach. Participation in Poznań Motor Show is an opportunity for exhibitors to gain publicity and reach even those parts of the community that do not attend the event

Today, become an exhibitor at Poznań Motor Show 2024. Be a part of this extraordinary project. Remember that by reserving your space in advance, you can take advantage of a promotional offer. Details will be provided by our exhibitor caretakers - Ewa or Hania.

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